Epidemiology childhood obesity

Epidemiology childhood obesity

Epidemiology childhood obesity

Obesity is considered as one on the pressing health issues among children and families in the US. Currently, obesity among children affects about 30 percent of the children in the country making it the most common chronic disease of childhood (Han,  Lawlor & Kimm, 2010, p. 1741).  There is a big percentage of children who have been diagnosed with illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and other co-morbid condition that are associated with child obesity and extreme obesity.

According to healthcare expertise, a child is affected by obesity when the body mass index for the age percentile is more than 95 percent. A child is considered as overweight when the BNI-for-age percentile is more than 85 percent and below 95 percent (Gupta, Goel, Shah & Misra, 2012, p. 55).

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They educate children on understanding food pyramid and cut back on portions. Secondly behavior modification can be used to manage and reduce obesity among children. Behavior changes include increased physical activities, change in eating habits and engagement in extracurricular activities

Birch, L. L., & Ventura, A. K. (2009). Preventing childhood obesity: what works&quest. International Journal of Obesity, 33, S74-S81.

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