EOCP and Technology Futures XC

An organization must employ the efficient use of operations management, project management, and information systems management to take advantage of the lack of any production in the marketplace. Effective OM will be instrumental for the organization to receive the necessary funds from their investors to enter the vacated market. To ensure that the resources are acquired in the time allotted effective project management skills will be crucial to the achievement of the project goals.

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Human resources management handles overseeing an organization’s culture, selecting, training, and rewarding employees. It is an incredibly necessary part of an organization. A tremendous amount of resources is spent in training and developing the employees. Therefore, losing them would be costly to the company. Various strategies are needed to assess the cause of high employee turnover rates. Information systems management can be smoothly integrated into human resources management, operations management, and project management where various activities can be automated to improve greatly efficiency.

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