Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental Protection Agency: President Richard Nixon, in an effort to fix national guidelines on environmental protection laws, formed the EPA to monitor and enforce them.

The environmental protection agency was initially charged with the administration of the Clean Air Act which was enacted in 1970 to abate air pollution that was mainly caused by industries and motor vehicles (Environmental Protection Agency).

It was further charged with the Clean Water Act (1972) which regulated municipal and industrial wastewater discharges which offered grants for building sewage-treatment facilities and the Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act (1972).

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successes, there have been a number of complaints and protests regarding the EPA. These oppositions have come from individuals (William Sanjour, US Environmental Protection Agency) and groups such as the Southwest Virginians who went to Washington D.C to protest against EPA regulations on coal plants in an effort to protect coal industry jobs.

The EPA had proposed regulations that limited heat-trapping pollution from future power plants. The New coal-fired power plants would have technology that captured 30 to 50 percent of the carbon dioxide buried underground. This would effectively do away with people’s jobs and livelihoods. Other reasons for continued opposition include (What’s wrong with the EPA?):

The EPA has implemented many beneficial changes. However, changes base on science that is objective and repeatable should be omitte. Regulations should be as a result of science that begins with a hypothesis that is objectively teste and not of a study designed to show a desired result.

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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