Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Nursing intervention is the surest way of addressing both primary and secondary, as well as tertiary needs of the Haitian disaster situation. A natural disaster as the 2010 earthquake comes with effects like injuries, lost limbs, malnourishment and communicable disease infection from overcrowding and homelessness among other factors .The primary care includes preventing further infection through vaccination. This can be effective through having enough nursing care professionals and health practitioners in the affected region.

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Overpopulation and waste management are areas that should be addressed as part of primary intervention. Nurses and health care workers need to be immunized before entering Haiti. The uninfected people need to be vaccinated against all the possible communicable disease. Secondary intervention measures involve screening of people who show signs and symptoms of TB, hepatitis, parasitic and gastrointestinal infections, heart disease, HIV, high blood pressure and other disease that are risky in the health of the victims of the disease.

Jafari, N., Shahsanai, A., Memarzadeh, M., and Loghmani, A. (2011). Prevention of communicable diseases after disaster: A review. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: 16(7): 956–962.

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