Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development

Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development

Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development

The prenatal period is a very important stage in human development. In as much as this is an astonishing period of nine months, there are also many environmental vulnerabilities that can be associated with it (Zerucha, 2004). Fortunate enough, with the recent developments in various levels technology more so in prenatal care, these hazards can be significantly lessened. In as much there are many environmental dangers and other effects, most of the babies born in the world are born healthy (Berk, 2012).

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In the most recent research in prenatal developments, scientists have come to understand many conditions and substances which can increase the risk of prenatal abnormalities as well as other problems. In fact, scientists have even come up with a terminology, “teratogens” when referring to these potentially harmful conditions and other substances in prenatal development (Jirasek, 2001). These teratogens can cause prenatal abnormalities and other conditions.

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Therefore, this case study seeks to address environmental factors that could lead to such abnormalities, posing a huge risk to the fetus during development. There are many diseases that could reach a fetus during development, and prevent it from growing to a healthy baby (Greenwood, 2010).

Berk, L. E. (2012). Infants, children, and adolescents. Boston: Pearson /Allyn & Bacon.

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