Enviromental science and sustainability

Acidic rain refers to precipitation that falls on the earth’s surface containing high levels of nitric and sulfuric acid. It occurs in the form of snow, fog or tiny matters. Acid rain possesses potential harm to the environment as rain is essential in farming; it provides water for domestic use, commercial as well as for wild animals to survive(Petheram, 2003.Pp. 24).

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To mitigate acid rain will involve limiting and eventually eradicating the release of pollutants that leads to its occurrence. It is by limiting the fossils fuels to be burnt. It can be achieved by looking for alternative fuel sources. Additionally, conservation of energy can also serve to reducean amount of fuels to be burnt. For people, they can limit the emissions by consolidating the means of transport, where they use public transport or even biking.

Petheram, L. (2003). Acid rain. Mankato, Minn: Bridgestone Books, 24.

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