As it stands in the modern world and the future, the vehicle industry is indeed, on the verge of a revolution as changes on how there can be an alternative fuel source for automotive seem more likely. To begin with, the electric car is propel by one or perhaps more electric motors that use electrical energy that is store in the rechargeable batteries or other energy storage devices. In this paper, the energy aspect will be detailed. This is as well as the key differences that could shape a paradigm shift from perhaps gas controlled automotive market to an electric will be investigated.

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In conclusion, despite the changes and strides made by the electric vehicle companies such as the Tesla Corporation, there are significant hurdles such as the amount of recharging time and the energy storage capacity to improve the driving range. Thus, there is a real challenge for these electric firms to compete heavily with engines and the combustion concept. The potential buyer is yet to be convince that buying an electric car would be a superior advantage. This is in regards to fuel consumption compared to the engines. It might take them a few years also to justify the high prices of the already produced EV cars in the market. Indeed, the future might have an exciting possibility of the average consumer purchasing electric cars. But, as it stands the road still belongs to the gas engines.

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