Energy Profile of Texas

Energy Profile of Texas

Energy Profile of Texas

Texas is the second largest State in America in terms of land mass. It is also the leading energy producer in the country especially in crude oil and natural gas. Texas, however, now focusing on growing the production of other renewable energy sources. It is more so due to its large consumption of fuel due to its diverse climate and hence the need for cooling or heating in households and companies. The state also has the second largest population and economy following California.

It is, however, the leading consumer of energy accounting for one-eighth of the total consumption in the country. Having many energy intensive industries in the state has led to the huge demand of energy in the industrial sector accounting for the largest share of energy consumption in the state.

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The reliance of the state in Nuclear energy has ensured that there is minimal pollution as compared to Texas that has relied largely on generation and use of crude oil and natural gas as well as coal that have high carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxide emissions. Arizona is also more committed to renewable energy production and uses with its Renewable Environmental Standard requiring 15% of the electricity consumed in 2025 come from renewable sources. By the year 2013, 7.8 % of the energy consumed came from renewable sources. M of the energy used in the state is for air conditioning that accounts for 25% of home consumption that exceeds the national average of 6% (

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