Energy Profile of Mexico

Energy Profile of Mexico

Energy Profile of Mexico

Hydroelectricity supply in Mexico accounts for the 11% of the generation in 2013. The other non-hydro renewables constituted of the 3% of Mexico’s age. Thus, geothermal is the most significant source in Mexico. Then it is followed by biomass and waste combusted found in the fossil fuel power plants.

There are a minimal wind and solar energy generation in the country. There are, however, several wind plants that are being developed in Baja California and also southern Mexico. In addition, the Oaxaca based Isthmus of Tehuantepec is the most favorable wind resources that the government projects that it will increase the Wind Energy production in Mexico (U.S Energy Information and administration). There have been significant legislations in the country. They have allowed the generation of wind power through a model called “self-supply.” In the past, there were few existing financial tools and also incentives to boost the wind energy as a major player in the energy generation of the country. However, the wind energy became a major catalyst to build the capacity, policy changes and also offer financing models for Mexico’s first autonomous Power producer project and also for the future of renewable energy power projects (Adrian).

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In conclusion, it is very clear that most of the policies of countries in the world point towards shifting from the use of fossil fuels to using renewable energy sources. Mexico is one of the countries that have made both policy changes and also acted towards attaining the dream of a green environment.

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