Energy Planning Proposal

Energy Planning Proposal

Energy Planning Proposal

Energy Planning Proposal:The world’s population has been increasing geometrically over the years hence more energy is required in order to run the day to day activities of the population. The increased rate of urbanization and industrialization complicate the situation even further. Therefore important for world planners to choose the best sources of energy that will be able sustain both economic and population growth. There is need for diversifying energy sources through innovation (Jackson, 2013). This dissertation is aimed at developing viable energy plan for Portsmouth given a total first year budget of ten billion dollars and subsequent annual budget of one billion dollars .

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Net saving in the first year will be eight hundred and fifty million and annual savings will be nine hundred and forty six million. Excess energy will be two thousand megawatts which will be utilized by growing population. Money saved can be accumulated to start other sources of energy in later years.

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NationwideEducation. (2012). ENERGY AND RECYCLING: Renewable Energy. NationwideEducation, 2.

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