Energy conversion processes

Energy conversion processes

Energy conversion processes

The term energy can be given many definitions based on the field of study. For example, in the medical world; the term energy may refer to the force required to drive and sustain mental activities such as reasoning, reading among others. Equally, in the field of physics; the term energy refers to the power produced from the utilization of both chemical and physical activities hence, enabling work to be done. Therefore energy transformation refers to the change of one energy state to the other. This is because energy cannot be created nor destroyed. For example, energy conversion from mechanical energy to light energy crowns the energy transformation concept (Goswami, 2008).

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Energy transformation processes are helpful because they have enabled the world to use the readily available materials to produce more energy resources for the world to use in growth and development. For example, conversion of coal to Syngas gas has been a comeback for the world from the stressful energy resources. It is very clean and most adorable energy resource to be used in outsourcing other resources determined to further developments

Alkire, R. (2010). Photoelectrochemical materials and energy conversion processes. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH.

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