Encephalopathy: The human species faces different challenges on a daily basis. These challenges exist in all the three aspects of life. That is; economic, political and also in the social aspect of life.

In effort of trying to overcome these challenges, the human species has found itself coming up with different inventions. These inventions try have led to massive developments in different fields in this world.

The fields of medicine has not been left behind in coming up with means of identifying agents that cause diseases, means of managing them from spreading and also curative measures. In this context, I will discuss one condition that attacks mankind on a daily basis. I will discuss Encephalopathy.

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diagnostic processes. These studies of confirming and differentiating types of encephalopathy are done clinically most of the times as only an experienced clinician is in a better position to interpret the diagnosis from a series of tests done on a patient.

When it comes to therapy and prognosis, the skills of an experienced clinician comes in handy. This is because depending on the type of the encephalopathy and its severity, treatment varies (Bluml & Panigraphy, 2013).

The most common treatment method that medical practitioners use is administration of anticonvulsants for reducing or stopping seizures. Surgery and dialysis are also common treatment methods, mainly advocated for in severe cases. Other patients who are still in early stages can be advise to change their diets or use nutritional supplements.


Blüml, S., & Panigrahy, A. (2013). MR spectroscopy of pediatric brain disorders. New York, NY: Springer.

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