Empowerment Law

Disability refers to the unequal means of treatment concerning the particular person’s perceived or real disability. It involves all the factors revolving around unfairness in the way someone is treated. Disability discrimination can be manifested in different set ups (Kam,Jeong-Ki, 2010). In the employment sector, discrimination disability can be manifested through a variety of ways. It could include such areas as in the recruitment of employees. In most instances, individuals have been discriminated against based on either physical or mental disability.

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The case of Huber versus Wal-Mart was about a lady who before her disability worked in a position of order-filler. Considering her position, Huber opted to be reassigned to a different position that could make it easier for her to carry out the duties assigned to her. By the time she was applying for the position, it was vacant, and it was her wish that she takes the position. However, to her disappointment, the employer failed to grant her wishes and instead filled the position with an individual who was not disabled but qualified for the job.

Burch, S., & Patterson, L. (2013). Not Just Any Body: Disability, Gender, and History. Journal Of Women’s History, 25(4), 122-137. doi:10.1353/jowh.2013.0060

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