Employment law in the US

Employment law in the US

Employment law in the US.

Employment law in the US: As manager, there are a number of employment discrimination laws that I would put in consideration in the daily running of the company. These laws include Equal Pay Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, American with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Acts, and Rehabilitation Acts.

Employment Discrimination Law refers a collection of both federal and state laws aimed at prohibiting employers from treating workers differently.

This law grounded in a number of departments such as, recruiting, hiring, job evaluation, promotion policies, and training. In the same way, the Equal Pay Act ensures that employees do not receive varying wages on the basis of sexual difference.

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The Act seeks to protect the elderly employees who have sharpened their skills over the years, by phasing out and prohibiting mandatory retirement. Unlike skills, knowledge comes in place when the company employs younger worker who are fresh from schools.

As a way of ensuring that the employees are well motivated, regardless of their sexual orientation. It is necessary to provide benefits such as health insurance. More precisely, when hiring employees, you don’t put into consideration their sexual orientation.

Instead the employer should focus on their academic qualifications, as well as their competence in terms of skill and technical know-how usable towards the achievement of the company’s goals or objectives.  Failure to provide such benefits would be in direct desecration of the above mentioned Civil Rights Act. Which is one of the employment discrimination laws.


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