Employment Equality

Employment Equality

Employment Equality.

Employment Equality: In this paper I will discuss the similarities the issue of employment and the diversity between the Scotia bank in the USA and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Notably, the two banks are aimed at working with a diverse workforce all over the world and give employment opportunity to different kind of groups which include women, the disabled and the bisexual, transgender, gay and lesbian community.

These banks aim at making diverse and equal employment opportunity condition in the workplace. Scotiabank and RBC have valued the inclusive culture in the global community and value the employees’ diversity and uniqueness of talents brought to the working place that has resulted in the overall success in the workplace.

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They offer equal employment opportunity to people with disabilities, aboriginal people, visible minorities and people from the gay, lesbian and transgender community( Davis, 2004, p. 37). Both banks are committed to provide formal training and career development to all their employees. To enable them to improve their knowledge and develop their capabilities in the workplace.

Both banks arrange Internal and external leadership programs. That are aime at enhancing development in women and minority groups (Davis, 2004, p. 37).

Arguably, the two banks from the US and Canada have a related strategy for their employees. They offer equal opportunities in recruitment and in career development from a diverse group of people. To cater different needs and financial expectation of different customers.


Davis, A. (2004). Royal Bank of Canada. Benefits Canada, 28(6), 37.

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