Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Employment-At-Will Doctrine

There is a continuing discussion over the ethical status of policies and strategies that give an employer the mandate to discharge or terminate an employee without a notice or good reason. That is an employment at will policy.Three main ethical concerns are outlined and discussed, and specific proposals regarding employer’s responsibilities are presented. A minority of States has read an indirect contract of good faith and fair dealing hooked on the employment relationship.

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The covenant of good faith has been interpreted in diverse ways, such as terminations must be for cause as well as terminations cannot be created with malice intended or in bad faith.This was against the agreement signed upon initial employment whereby employees are mandated to sign an agreement that comply to company requirements. Employees are supposed to use facebook and blogs in a way that does not disparage the company or other employees and failure to this one may face disciplinary action or possible termination.

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