Employee Layoff

Employee Layoff

Employee Layoff

It refers to when employees are temporarily suspended or permanently terminated from organizations. Reasons that can result to a layoff include; when there is a business slow-down and elimination of certain positions in an organization. An organization can dismiss one or a number of employees depending on the circumstances. As a manager, there are ways on how to deal with negative emotions that may be as a result of employee dismissal. (Brockner, 1992, p.412).

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It is as a result of job insecurity. A company that keeps on laying off its employees cannot be trusted as far as the future of those employees is concerned. (Brockner, 1992, p.418). For example, if a company moves ahead and dismisses even the productive employees, those who are left behind will have questions. Therefore, if the organization’s purpose for the layoffs was to improve productivity, it only ends up becoming a dream to the organization because its employees are uncertain about their future. An employee who is not sure about tomorrow becomes less productive.

McKinley, W., Sanchez, C. M., & Schick, A. G. (1995). Organizational downsizing: Constraining, cloning, learning. The Academy of Management Executive, 9(3), 32-42.

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