Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment.

In the research paper Employee Empowerment : A Light on the Real Meaning of the Philosophy authors Shivangee Singh and Pankaj Kant Dixit investigate the concept of employee empowerment and how it is translated in the corporate world; whether as absolute authority or absolute power.

Further the authors sought to critical examine the need and significance of employee empowerment in modern say corporate organizations (Singh and Dixit 587).

Through a research study, the authors sought to determine the reasons as to why the employee empowerment philosophy or concept fails in many organizations and suggest some approaches to overcome the barriers to successful employee empowerment. 592).

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The findings of the study show that where organizations have implemented effective empowerment policies, organizational equities and where women are included in the decision making process , the risk of such women falling off the “glass cliff” are almost non-existent (Sabharwal).

Notably, this study builds on the article by Singh and Dixit, by highlighting the significance of the concept of empowerment in the workplace. The issue of equal opportunity and glass ceiling in the modern day corporate workplace is major challenge for management.

Accordingly, Sabharwal shows that through empowerment, managers can provide equal opportunity. And career advancement in the workplace especially for women (Sabharwal). This study contributes to the understanding of the concept of empowerment. Especially, the role of employee involvement in decision making processes in the successful implementation of employee empowerment.

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Sabharwal, Meghna. “From Glass Ceiling to Glass Cliff: Women in Senior Executive Service.” J Public Adm Res Theory (2013).

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