Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies.

Emerging Technologies: It is in the 21stcentury that the world has witnessed massive developments in technology. Almost every person is now conversant with the use of digital gadgets for communication, socialization and data storage among other services (Freedman 02).

Emergence of electronic gadgets that can be used to store, send, receive and access any information came up as a result of these advancements in technology.

These are developments belong to information and communications category, and many people make a mistake of thinking as the only technologic advancements evolving in the world. Otherwise, what people ought to know is that. Every aspect of life has witnessed technologic advancements from as early as the Neolithic period.

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and it is sad that there is no effective way of controlling this vice yet. There is also so much criticism emanating from experts in different field. Who feel like technologies have alienated mankind from activities that really matter.

However, as much as our data is at risk we should not make it too easy for these hackers to steal our information. And we cannot just do away with emerging technologies just because of critics.

We need to accept that everything has its share of merits and demerits, and move on. All we need is looking for means of preserving our cultures and history as well as basic education whether there are emerging technologies or not.

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