Emergency response manager

Emergency response manager

Emergency response manager

Disaster management is basically the term used to describe efforts to coordinate all available resources to mitigate the effects of natural and man-made disasters or acts of terror or to recover from them.

Though the study of how to avert said disasters is important in the field, disaster management does not really avert the threats or eliminate them. In the field, a strong understanding of nomenclature and properties of all hazardous materials is important in dealing with incidents of disaster.

This paper will argue for this statement using a specific example of the incident at the Riverview, Michigan site on the 14th of July 2001.

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Nomenclature is basically the devising of names to things. In science, systems are in place to aid in nomenclature of substances. The systems use the characteristics of chemicals, plants and animals to devise a name.

Therefore it is true that the scientific name of a chemical can tell a lot of the characteristics of said chemical. In disaster management or emergency response, understanding of nomenclature of hazardous materials can be useful in both contingency and insurance.

Knowledge of properties of the hazardous materials is also useful. In the Riverview incident, knowledge of rules pertaining to the properties of Methyl Mercaptan would provide instant insight to an emergency response manager as to the flammability of the gas.

This information is useful especially to the fire department. The emergency response manager would know that the fire could not be fought.

The best way to deal with it was to let it burn out while using all resources to cool the tanks. This is according to National Transportation Safety Board (2001). Knowledge of the properties of the gas was therefore useful in containing the situation.

Understanding of nomenclature and properties of hazardous chemicals is in fact useful in respect to all the duties of emergency response managers. This is briefly explained in the paper.

National Transportation Safety Board. (2001). Hazardous Materials Accident Report:

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