Email from Co-worker

Email from Co-worker

Email from Co-worker

Walter’s email to his workmates was intended as a joke. However, the reception suggests that several individuals were insulted by Walter’s remarks. However, in Walter’s view, his colleagues misinterpreted the joke. Walter’s joke was wrong. While it was funny, it offended individuals whose origins are from the region ridiculed as lacking in intelligence.

The office is a diverse environment consisting of individual’s sourced from several geographic regions. Walter’s remarks serve to undermine the cohesion achieved by the firm. The email also offended other workers who were not necessarily targeted in the joke. It was inappropriate for a diverse work environment.

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It will ease the angered workforce and reconcile the office workers. Walter should specifically apologise as his email insulted the skill of workers in the organization from the mentioned geographical region. In the corporate office, workers pride themselves in intelligence and skill in the fields of expertise.

A public apology is essential for Walter to make amends. I recommend the use of email as it was the same avenue employed to hurl the unintended insult. The apology should not only reach the offended workers but also every other individual in the office.

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