ELL students with LD

ELL students with LD

ELL students with LD

An English language learner (ELL) is one who studies English as an added language to their native language. The Ells are usually migrants and refugees from other countries who have come to the United States, hence have to receive classes on how to communicate in the English language that is the major language of use here.

The English learners are diverse and complex with different talents, needs, upbringings and diverse cultures. Some come from families where English is not spoken while others have been exposed to numerous languages. The students are stigmatized for speaking other languages or the way they speak English (Cohen, 1999).

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English language learning is dependent on the student learning. Some are quick while others are slow learners. Language learners are effective due to their hard work, perseverance and determination. However, other factors influence their success and have to be well-thought-out to ensure the students learn. The teachers should come with effective methods to enhance the learning of English.

Banks, J. A., & Banks, C. A. M. (Eds.). (2009). Multicultural education: Issues and perspectives. John Wiley & Sons.

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