Elijah & Baal Prophets (I Kings 18-19)

Elijah & Baal Prophets (I Kings 18-19)

Elijah & Baal Prophets (I Kings 18-19)

Elijah & Baal Prophets (I Kings 18-19);1 Kings 18-19 talks about Elijah and the Baal prophets. Elijah was the only true servant of God, while the Baal prophets served Queen Jezebel (Ap-Thomas, 1960). According to Elijah, the Baal prophets were responsible for the misfortunes the people were going through in their land.All Christians should follow in the footsteps of Elijah to gain the favor of God. It is also worth noting that God does not intend to make people suffer; rather, he wants them to repent and recognize Him as the only God (Cohn, 1982).

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When Elijah came from the hiding, he asked Obadiah, one of the true followers of God who hid the prophets of God when they were being killed by Jezebel to tell Ahab that he had come. Obadiah was hesitant because he feared that king Ahab would kill him if Elijah decided to disappear. However, Elijah promised him that he would not disappear since his time to reveal the true God had come. He was willing to present himself before the king. Obadiah obeyed and went to tell Ahab about the appearance of Elijah.

Ap-Thomas, D. R. (1960). Elijah on Mount Carmel. Palestine Exploration Quarterly, 92(2), 146-155.

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