Electronic & Mobile Commerce

Electronic & Mobile Commerce

Electronic & Mobile Commerce

First, it is important to listen. As the owner of a page, website or any form of social media, responding adequately to clients or even interested people shows that you listen. It is also important in terms of listening to respond positively and to enable your clients to feel that they have an adequate response.

This can be handled by creating feedback channels and avenues that provide a means through which clients can express themselves to you. It could be a page on social media, a help line, and an email address to post questions or a contact through which they can access you.

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You may not be conversant with all the skills and tools relevant to create a great online presence (Rufillo 2014). Therefore, there is a need to have some professionals working for you to improve on it day by day and to avoid any gaps that may arise when you are busy elsewhere.

Among other challenges are negative publicity that may arise if some disinterested people online are interested in ruining your career on social media. It goes a long way. However, it is crucial to keep your cool and assure your following about everything.

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