Effects of Technology on People’s Lives

Effects of Technology on People’s Lives

Effects of Technology on People’s Lives.

Effects of Technology on People’s Lives: For over a long time now, technology has held profound effects on the way people interact on the social, cultural, and economic scene. The growth of technology and the development of transport and communication networks have seen to it that the world becomes a global village.

At this moment in history, more than any other time, the world has shrunk to a village to which people can share values, ideas and better their lives. Whereas technology has brought with it a number a number of advantages, it also holds with it a number of disadvantages.

This paper explores the effects of technology on people’s lives and some of the technological advances that revolutionized people’s lives. As a result of the technological trends and advances, people can now lead easier and more comfortable lives.

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effects on people’s lives especially with regard to the proliferation of vices. This mainly affects the young people who try to copy and live according to what they see on TVs, what they hear on radios and read in magazines.

There have been reported increased cases of teenage sexual behavior, underage drinking, and other delinquent behaviors. People’s spending habits and social values have also changed with people attaching a lot of importance to personal wealth, at the expense of societal peace and wellbeing.

Perhaps due to the exposure to violent acts of crimes like seen in movies, people have lost value for human live with many killing and maiming at the slightest provocation.

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