Effects of technology on love

Effects of technology on love

Effects of technology on love.

Effects of technology on love: Technology has changed many aspects of our lives over the past few decades. The changes are so drastic that it is impossible to imagine how life was in the 20th century.

Love is one of the aspects of the human life that has realized many changes in terms of how people love or how the end up falling in love. The dating process 50 years ago is not the same as the current process of dating and falling in love.

Early in the 20th century love was highly disregarded and was denied the freedom it needed. Many couples were forme through their diverse cultural beliefs and traditions that either run in the society or their respective families.

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a norm in the modern society where couples meet online and fall in love. Ways of expressing love have changed and become sophisticated from the normal dinner or movie cliché of treating a spouse.

Couples are travelling across the world to celebrate their love, proposals are made amid huge gatherings and events like the Super Bowl. Technology has had good and bad effects on redefining the meaning of love. Love has become a complicated social trait in the modern human.

To some extent it has enhanced and diversified the ways of expressing love. On the other has corrupted it and made an easier platform of cheating and creating false relationships that are based on other motives aside from love.


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