Effects of technology on education

Effects of technology on education

Effects of technology on education

A vast amount of literature compiled after decades of collaborative and independent researches reveals that technology and its associated innovations continue to foster education. This is through augmenting access to a wide gamut of valuable information, enhancing literacy development, and promoting of collaborative project development among students. It is also perceived that technology motivates academic inquisitiveness, shapes tertiary education experience, supports linguistic literacy, and triggers the spirit discovery, among other impacts.

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The numerous impacts that technology has on different realms of education have attracted diversified opinions, some of which are controversies over the negative effects, while others are appreciations of the positive impacts. All the same, ongoing debates on the impacts of technology on education should be pertinently directed towards curtailing the negative impacts, while promoting the positive ones.

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on the reading habits and practices of college students. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 52(7), 609-619. International Reading Association.

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