Effects of Social Media on Teen Suicide

Effects of Social Media on Teen Suicide

Effects of Social Media on Teen Suicide

Social media is indeed a relatively new phenomenon that has swept the world in the past decade. It has fused technology as well as the social interactions through the Internet-based applications that have permitted the exchange and creation of the user-generated content. The social media platforms such as the blogging websites, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, video sites and chat rooms have transformed the traditional modes of communication and allowed the interactive and instantaneous sharing of information that can be controlled and created by organization, individuals and any other entity.

Through this, information has become key, and a powerful tool where besides changing the culture of communication it has provided a platform for causing havoc and a negative impact especially on the young generation. Suicide has long been associated with social media and is in fact the leading cause of death for most teenagers in the USA and it is ranked high in the cases of mortality for the young individuals in the world (Kaplan,  A. M, et al., 2010, p.23). Teenagers more than any other age group have greatly embraced social media as well as internet use making them susceptible to negative content that is widely available on the internet. So what is the connection between the teen suicides and social media?

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In a retrospective, the paper’s purpose of expounding on the connections between suicide and social media, aims to assist in the help of identify the key reasons for suicide, as despite the many interventions and breakthroughs achieved, the concept of self-harm and contemplating death is still puzzling. The parents, as well as guardians, need to monitor the children’s most visited sites so as to block any forum that may offer negative suicidal opinions, as well as content.

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