Effects of Social Media on Teen Suicide

Effects of Social Media on Teen Suicide

Effects of Social Media on Teen Suicide

Social media happens to be a fairly new phenomenon which has swept the globe during the previous decades. It combines technology with the social interaction through the Internet-based applications which enable the establishment and exchange of content that is user generated (Kaplan, 2010).

Currently, Social media has developed into a norm especially among the teenagers. The responsibility that the Internet, especially social media, may have on the suicide rate of teenagers is an issue of developing debate and interest. The present upsurge in highly publicized instances of suicide of teens which involve social media happens to have drawn worldwide attention to this topic. Most researchers wanted to look at the effects of social media on teen suicide in terms of if it aids or prevents suicide prevention. Attempts to evaluate the degree of the social media’s influence on the suicide rate of teenagers are complex due to the indirect link between suicide and social media use.

Theoretical Framework

Relationship between Social Media and Teen Suicide

The basic question is if a link exists between the rates of social media use, and teen suicide rates.

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Since social media is normally built and regulated by end users, the chance for prevention and surveillance could be extended to every online teen. To aid in facilitating the user-driven advance to prevention and surveillance, all the social media sites can include simple-to-use ways for teens to report hateful activities on other users.

Doan, A. (2012). Social media, data integration, and human computation. doi:10.1145/2331801.2331810

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