Effects of Children on Video Game and The Internet

Effects of Children on Video Game and The Internet

Effects of Children on Video Game and The Internet.

Effects of Children on Video Game and The Internet: Intense media, it has far exceeded reading storybooks or playing dress-up as the normal child’s favorite pastime.

Overall, children among the ages of two and 18 set-up an average of almost five-and-a-half hours a day at home corruptive their life by sexual things, playing video games, surfing the Websites or using some other form the media.

A-There is a big risk for the children called bearing corruptive sexual such as sex and there are many websites cluttered thinking of children, some of them calling for atheism and sometimes exercise freedom without restrictions, and there are also destructive philosophies and their origin is unknown and there are no buddy watching after the child.

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and enable them to relax after school or after tiresome task. However, this depends on the type of video game played and the amount of time spent playing.

The likelihood of abandoning other essential activities such as studies, physical exercises, socialization, and communication skills, and engaging in violent activities, are high. This therefore requires teachers to join hands with parents and other responsible adults, and device means of controlling children to avoid adverse effects.

There should be clear rules that ensure that children manage time responsible such that there is time for school, exercise, study, outdoor games, and video games and the internet should consume the least time possible while allowing time for enough sleep.

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