Effects of attending a college education

Effects of attending a college education

Effects of attending a college education

College education is the highest stage of formal education that student that graduate from high school get to attain. Agreeing with the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966, higher education should be made accessible to all through proper means such as the introduction of free education (15). After high school, many students weigh the option of pursuing a college education or going into the job market.

Various factors play out at this stage such as; the expenses incurred in attending college that considers college as “education gospel,” personal achievements, future expectation, and interests. Nonetheless, with all this concerns, a college education has been seen to be valuable for so many reasons as discussed below.

Attaining college education enhances a student’s economic power. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a person who has attained a four-year degree earns a higher salary and makes more money that one who did not attend college. A study conducted in 2008 on adults aged twenty-five and above who were employed on a full-time basis established that, a high school graduate on average earned 34,000 dollars while a college graduate netted approximately 56,00dollars yearly (U.S Census 5-6). Also

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A person learns a lot during their college years because of the advanced knowledge being acquired, experiences gotten in learning, being one’s person, freedom from any control, and the relationships that are founded. All these achievements continually validate the significance of persons not settling but chasing after success, change and prosperity through attaining a college education.

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