Effects and Changes from Aging

Effects and Changes from Aging

Effects and Changes from Aging

Effects and Changes from Aging:Aging is the process that a human being undergoes in the process of growing older. It is approximated that the number of people living beyond the age of sixty-five has significantly increased, with America having about 13 percent of the population being the elderly.

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The psychosocial theory of development will also be used to explain the stage that these people are in. According to the Erik Erickson, the aging people are in the last stage of his theory known as ego integrity versus despair stage. At this stage, the elderly come to terms with their life, they assess their success and their failures, and can choose to be happy on how they have lived or regret how they spent their lives.

Conclusively, aging is the process of moving from one part of life to another, which is culminated by changes in the physical presentation, psychology, as well as, cognitive change. The previous body function changes with the new growth of the body.



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