Effective testimony and report writing

Effective testimony and report writing

Effective testimony and report writing

Forensic psychology is deemed to be very important especially in the modern court setting because psychologists help to provide a deeper understanding of a client especially the accused. Forensic psychologists need to observe several guidelines and/or principles when preparing their forensic reports such as report length, clarity, simple language, among many more. However, the most important guidelines that they need to observe include: report structure, ethical considerations, and target audience. The report structure needs to be one that integrates both the test results and other information that support the hypothesis.

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The audience guideline can be applied by providing an understanding to the reader on the information. For instance, they should explain the cognitive information and differentiate it from the general knowledge that is available from other sources. Psychologists also need to provide definitions of the legal language that they may have used in the report (Weinner & Otto, 2013).

Ackerman, M. J., (2006). Forensic Report Writing. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 62(1), 59-72. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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