Effective leaders

Effective leaders

Effective leaders

Charismatic leadership is the process of inspiring a particular behavior in others by use of one’s personality, influence and eloquent communication. Such leaders stimulate their followers to do things in a much better way raising their enthusiasm. A transformational leader is argued to have similar characters like that of a charismatic leader (Adair, 2009).

A transformational leader uplifts their followers to achieve more through inspiring and encouraging them. The followers henceforth work hard to meet the organizational needs in the cost of their needs. The leadership is based on four behaviors known as the 4ls; namely, idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.

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Transformational leadership involves empowering followers to improve themselves and enhance their performance beyond expectancy. They identify and exploit a standing need, assess the followers so as to satisfy greater requirements of the follower. The leaders are also argued to possess charismatic behavior by attempting to encourage their followers to have faith in them and also respect them (Belle, 2013 P.33).

They possess traits such as charisma, intellectual encouragement, motivation and consideration of each leading to various benefits in an organization. Transformational leaders assist members to transform to become higher achievers as well as develop their moral leading to self-growth of their followers.

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