Educational History and Professional Development

Educational History and Professional Development

Educational History and Professional Development.

Educational History and Professional Development: I am 37 years old; I was born and raised in New York City. My family migrated to the US about 50 years ago. My father comes from Cuba whereas my mother is from Haiti.

Since childhood, my parents showed me the importance of education and always encouraged me to become a teacher. I learned to read by reading the newspaper with my father. He learned English and  I fell in love with words.

This way, my parents bought me a chalkboard and that’s when my dreams were coming to fruition. I never wavered from this amazing profession. I have seen children that I have taught come back and say thank you that is truly the best gift that I could ever receive.

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In this respect, I have to guarantee that I push positive and reinforcing impact on my students. This may be troublesome now and again, and a few days may end up being an extraordinary test.

Then again, it is paramount to recollect that consistently in my calling present’s incredible chances for me to have an enormous effect in the lives of my students.

In the Florida Department of Education, it is imperative to understand the role of not only the teacher, but also every member of the society.  To ensure that children are able to read and write, it is crucial for the education stakeholders to improve the evaluation systems to reflect not only the position of the student, but also the ability of the teacher and the community to impart knowledge, because education is the light that will get us to the next level.

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