Education Theorist and their theories

Education Theorist and their theories

Education Theorist and their theories

Over the millennia, the field of education has been studied extensively by philosophers, psychologists and other scholars, in an attempt to understand the human learning process. The result of these studies and investigations is a collection of theories all explaining one or more aspects of the learning process.

Jerome Bruner another contemporary theorist came up with the Constructivist theory which states that learners actively create or construct knowledge by validating new concepts and ideas using their existing or current knowledge or schemas.

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Sigmund Freud developed the levels of conscious theory in which he suggested that the human mind operates at distinct levels: conscious versus unconscious. The mind is then broken into the id or primitive motivations; ego or logical part of the mind that exists mainly to satisfy the id; and the super-ego or conscience (Shaffer & Kipp, 2009).

Biesta, G. (2012). Making Sense of Education: Fifteen Contemporary Educational Theorists in their own Words. New York: Springer.

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