Education as a Social Policy

Education as a Social Policy

Education as a Social Policy.

Education as a Social Policy: Social policy is the guidelines for maintaining, creating or changing certain sets of living situations that are beneficial to the overall welfare of citizens. It can be categorized under public policy, which are the guidelines for running the whole nation.

Social Policy’s main focus is the society, economy and policy that are required for human existence and the provision means. These basic needs include: food, water, and housing, safe sustainable environment,

Health promotions and patient treatments, caring and supporting those who cannot fend for themselves in life; and educating and training individuals to the point that they can be useful to the society at large.

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Weaknesses of educational policy: Given recent problems of country budgets around the world, many governments proposed sharp cuts to education. These cuts have a long-term impact.

New evidence suggests that the lasting effects of drops in early childhood development, educational attainment and school quality among today’s youth are expecte to extend beyond drops in future earnings and productivity. Health and mortality are likely to deteriorate, crime rates are likely to increase, and social and political institutions may suffer (Olssen, 2004).

Social policy can be say to be the key factor in improving welfare of citizens. Different policies like education as we have discussed have a huge impact on persons of all ages who in turn channel their knowledge to developing the country as a whole.


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