Educating American Indian Youth

Educating American Indian Youth

Educating American Indian Youth

Informative research and expository studies on numerous cultural aspects and practices, and the impact they have had on the education of American Indian youths, have been executed by numerous scholars. Empirical findings, statistical data and theoretical perspectives have been employed to conceptualize and substantiate these exploratory studies.

This paper will explore some of these studies, and present a personal outlook on the purposes, the outcomes, the measurable problems, and the researchers’ concerns of each research article. In addition, the points of agreement in each article and the relevance of the articles with respect to future research are discussed.

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The continuation of culture and the associated beliefs and practices, together with family and community linkages on educational achievement of bi-cultural students, is something that cannot be ignored. The four study articles analyzed in this paper have instrumentally provided a broad comprehension of the phenomenal impact of culture and community and family contentedness on educational achievement of bi-cultural teenage students. For this cause, they are recommended to contemporary researcher wishing to further these studies, or conduct research in other related areas.

Freng, A., Freng, S., & Moore, H. (2000). Models of American Indian education: cultural
inclusion and the family/community/school linkage. American Indian education, 55-74. Laramie, WY. Sociological Focus.

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