Edouard Manet pieces of art

Edouard Manet pieces of art

Edouard Manet pieces of art

The art of Edouard Manet, a French painter was commonly known for its impressionist stye. Manet’s father wanted him to study law, but he wanted to pursue a career as an artist. That was how he ended up being at the sea where he met Thomas Couture who trained him the art skill. In his biography, Manet was described for the unique style he used, one that involved simple and bright colors. There were three pieces of art that were included in his biography. They include; Le déjeuner sur l’herbe, (1863), Olympia, (1863), and Le bar des Folies-Bergère, (1882). The paper shall thus be analyzing the meaning of each piece and what they represent (Fried, 5-7).

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The woman used to work at Folies- Bergère and the portrait shows her standing alone in the bar but instead of doing her job, she is distracted from it. The picture shows everything happening in her background as a reflection in the mirror. Manet is trying to present how personal thoughts and distractions can be an influence in one’s work. People are at the bar to spend their leisure time and for entertainment. However, for this worker, she is being distracted from her work by the many thoughts maybe of issues in her life because her eyes show that she is unhappy. The art represents the feelings that employees tend to experience in their work places.

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