Edmonia Lewis

Edmonia Lewis

Edmonia Lewis

The background and history on the subject of study are important for the establishment of basic information. Edmonia Lewis was born on July 4th, 1844. She worked to develop her career in sculpting, and after several years, success knocked her door when her fine arts became one of the world’s most recognized. Edmonia was a black American citizen, and therefore in most of her themes, she captured the message relating to black people in the neoclassical style. Edmonia became a public figure from the bust of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, whose sales provided her a considerable amount of income. It is from these sales that Edmonia sailed to Rome, where she thought would be best suited for her career. With time, Edmonia becomes skilled at working in marble, which made her a renowned sculptor.

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The strength with which individuals handle these obstacles determines the rate at which they will rise. The life of Edmonia Lewis is a lesson that anyone can rise against community hostilities and stand out on their own. The accomplishment of an individual depends on his or her ability to handle such circumstances. The struggles, challenges and obstacles should prepare one for significant successful life to come.


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