Economic justice and media portrayal

Economic justice and media portrayal

Economic justice and media portrayal

Economic justice has within it moral principles that help in designing of economic institutions. The institutions will determine how every individual will earn a living, how they exchange goods or how they enter into contracts. This will therefore create an independent foundation for their economic substance. The purpose of these institutions is to liberate people to participate in activities that go further than economics.

The media is actively involved in this institution. They portray different parties in the economic justice system thus swaying public’s assumption of said party. This paper argues the role of the mass media in shaping assumptions of the public towards poverty.

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Agriculture programs and food security programs are also a good way to enhance economic justice when it comes to the poor. With such programs in place, the poor will no longer to rely on aid for food security. They will therefore focus on economic growth. The poor focus much time on energy on getting food. By developing food security programs, it will free up their time and energy.

The media is responsible for many misconceptions people have about poverty. The actions of the media have been highlighted above. Based on the recommendations of this paper, the media should attempt to rally governments and charities to give the poor the resources they need to succeed. They also need to clear up the misconceptions they may have given out about poverty and the poor.

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