Eating Disorders

eating disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating disorder such as bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are characterized be a serious disturbance in weight regulation and eating behavior. Thus, it is associated with a wide range of adverse physical, psychological and social consequences. An individual with an eating disorder start to eat small or large quantity of food, but the urge to eat more and smaller amount increases and spirals out of control. Severe distress and concern with body shape and weight, and extreme effort to manage weight and food intake characterize eating disorder.

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The binge eating is follow by behavior that compensate for the overreacting such as excessive use of laxatives or diuretics, excessive exercises, forcing vomiting and a combination of these behaviors. Additionally, binge eating disorder is characterize by loss of control over their eating. Hence, individuals with the binge-eating disorder are often overweight and obese.

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