Earthquakes: (11:37 am – time accessing the information 2nd January 2014). There was only one earthquake in the past week with magnitude of over 6.0. In Sola, Vanuatu island with 6.6 magnitudes at 16:03:30 1st January 2014 with a depth of 196.2km (approximately 121.9miles). The island is on the Pacific’s fire ring, a stronghold of volcanoes along the fault lines.

There were 76 earthquakes with magnitude between 4.5 and 6.0 over the past week. Some of them included: on 2nd January 2014 at 07:48:30 UTC Ohara  Japan with magnitude of 4.7,  a 4.5 magnitude  earthquake  in Amchatk Staryy, Russia at 06:58:16,

on 1st January 2014 a 4.7 magnitude  earthquake in Amahai,  Indonesia  at 21:2:49 UTC, at 21:11:35UTC a 4.5 magnitude  earthquake in Sinabang Indonesia, at 16:03:30 UTC

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Most of these occurred in Alaska, North America which has the highest tectonic activity in the region. This is due to its location in the north of the Pacific Basin.

There is an accumulation of tectonic stress of its collision with Plate of the North American along the length of Aleutian Island Chain and across south central Alaska.

The most recent earthquake occurred 4 months ago with a 4.6 magnitude in Mbulu, Manyara Tanzania 10 km deep closest to Nairobi City in Kenya. Lake Albert is on the East and it is causing a split of the African plate into two. This rifting is rather rough and causes pressure which subsequently leads to sticking of rocks and earth quakes are produced.


1 day, magnitude 2.5+ WorldWide

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