An earthquake is the abrupt shaking or trembling of the ground caused by a sudden energy release in the crust of the Earth or a shift of rocks along an Earth’s fracture that creates seismic waves. The seismic activity of a location is the type, frequency and size of the experienced earthquake over a period of time.

Earthquake releases stress within seconds that has accumulated for over a hundred years within the rocks beneath the surface of the Earth. Seismometers are use to measure earthquakes.

The common scale in which huge earthquakes are reporte is the moment magnitude. However, earthquakes are normally measure using Richter scale, the local magnitude scale.

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measurements that are made from seismograms determine the magnitude of an earthquake. The measure of the general ground trembling or shaking at a given location. Is referre to as the intensity of the earthquake. The size of an earthquake is determine by the magnitude.

This magnitude is calculate from an amplitude measurement or seismic wave durations. Earthquake’s intensity is determine by the human reaction reports on trembling, shaking, structural damage, and other impacts.

The movements result in vibrations that pass around and through the earth in the form of a wave. Similar to the way ripples are generated in water when a pebble is dropped in water.


Bäckblom, G. et al. (2002). Effects of earthquakes on the deep repository for spent fuel in Sweden based on case studies and preliminary model results. Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co.

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