Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development is crucial and depends on the home and school environment a child grows.  The environment in which a child is brought up challenge and motivate a child to prepare for developmental education.  Arguably, early childhood education is the foundation that promotes mental and academic development among children. Collaborative problem-solving require parents, educators and education administrators to work  as a team in determining  the most appropriate support and resources  as well as information sharing practices in the effort of facilitating parental engagement.

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Through socialization and interaction at home, parents promote socio-emotional development among children. Promoting a playful home environment assist in promoting cooperation and assist children understand emotions among themselves and others in the society. In addition, playful and engaging home environment promotes the language skills and the ability to acquire vocabularies in children.  Children can understand the importance of social skills and other aspects in life.

Cooklin, A. R., Giallo, R., & Rose, N. (2012). Parental fatigue and parenting practices during early childhood: An Australian community survey. Child: care, health and development, 38(5), 654-664.

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