Early American art and European Art Comparison

Early American art and European Art Comparison

Early American art and European Art Comparison

While literature is used to express human thoughts and story through words, art is also used to express human culture through creative activities. A Group of people or individuals use art to expresses traits, character, morals and religious beliefs with themselves and society at large. Form art people get a platform to create sensitive and imagined work that demonstrates what they live for and value (Krumrine and Scott). Therefore, the art defined culture. Culture involves ideas, values and behaviors that a group of people share (Neuman). From the history, it is evident that human used art to express what was important to them.

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It is evident that the art reflect a particular group of people culture. People express their thought, traits and values by using art to reach out or communicate to the world. What is not in the culture cannot be represented in the art. From various arts by Native Americans, it is evident that one of the things they value is a spiritual world. Most of their artwork demonstrates how their lives are dependent on the help from the spiritual world.

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