Early 1900’s Women’s Suffrage Movement

Early 1900's Women's Suffrage Movement

Early 1900’s Women’s Suffrage Movement.

Early 1900’s Women’s Suffrage Movement: This world has room for every person to make improvements in the lives they lead in the society. This is at a personal level and also in influencing other individuals. In this perspective, there are people who can only be viewed as heroes/heroines for the sacrifices they make in trying to better the lives of others.

These individuals at most time go way out of their careers, obligations and dedicate in bettering the lives of fellow human beings (Raum, 2004).

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This lack of fear of being arrested and imprisoned portrayed them as a patriots who were only out to get their share in the national decision making process.

Other than disturbers of peace as the government had branded them (Walton, 2010). It was then that President Wilson had to give in leading to the Nineteenth amendment in the American constitution.

Cooney, R. (2005). Winning the vote: The triumph of the American woman suffrage movement

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