Dyslexia – Motivation for Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Dyslexia Motivation for Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Dyslexia – Motivation for Early Diagnosis and Intervention

Dyslexia is a learning disability that was first noted in the mid-nineteenth century. The disorder was first described in scientific literature by a number of experts, they noted cases of individuals who appeared to have normal intelligence and who were unable to learn to read. They popularly referred to this disorder as word blindness; scientists linked visual impairment to this disorder.

After much research, however, dyslexia has been found be a linguistic problem and not visual one. The condition is defined as learning difficulty that mostly affects and individual’s ability to read and spell. The condition is characterized by a weak short-term verbal memory and problems in processing word-sounds. Although the cause of dyslexia is not known, individuals with condition are said to have inefficiencies in the brain language processing areas. Dyslexia is among the most common problem affecting both children and adults. The prevalence of the disorder or condition in the US is estimated to be around 5% to 17%; this is with regard to school aged children. Early identification and intervention of the disorder are critical for the success of an individual, both in academics and other areas or life.

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College/university and high school students who have a history of reading difficulties can be helped through accommodative practices such as allowing them more time to decode words. Other useful accommodations include allowing them to use tape recorders and spell checking software in the class (Christo, Davis, & Brock, 2009).

Burden, R., & Burdett, J. (2005). Factors associated with successful learning in pupils with dyslexia: a motivational analysis. British Journal of Special Education, 100-104.

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