Durkheim\’s four functions of deviance

Durkheim\'s four functions of deviance

Durkheim\’s four functions of deviance

Structural Functional Theory is one of the frameworks sociologists employs to understand the world. The idea focused on this theory is that society is an intricate unit composed of interconnected parts (Macionis, 2008).  Durkheim, a French sociologist based his work on this theory. He argues that deviance is normal and vital part of any society since it adds to the social order. According to Durkheim, deviance fulfills four functions.

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The vulgarism message in these songs attracted young generations to listen to them more. Despite parent’s effort to ban Rock and Roll music with the perception that their children would imitate the musicians and start dressing like them, it was unsuccessful.  Having American-African Rock artists, drawing a culturally diverse audience for live presentation, the sustainability of prejudice across following generations became very complicated in America.

Earleywine, M. (2003). Understanding marijuana: A new look at the scientific evidence. S.l.: Oxford University Press.

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