Drug testing

Drug testing

Drug testing.

Drug testing: Drug-testing is becoming widespread as days go. It has not only infiltrated the private sector and federal agencies but is also expanding to include not only students involved in extracurricular activities but also students in middle school as well.

Half of the youth population has admitted to having used drugs in the past year. With these large statistics, employers have taken to including random and regular drug tests for their employees to screen out current and prospective drug abusers (Anne, 2008).

Employers have a legal right to question anything that hinders an employee from delivering a fair day’s work and this may include drug abuse since it impairs work performance and significantly lowers productivity.

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Furthermore, society has a moral and legal duty to safeguard the population’s health and safety. Drug abuse may have dire consequences in case of an accident in situations such as in air traffic control or in nuclear plants (Anne, 2008).

The regular drug testing programs is however a huge infringement on the basic human right’s right to privacy.  The mere suspicion of drug use does not warrant a test. Also drug abuse test is not an effective means of screening out workers whose job performance falls below the bar as being affected by drug use.

Drug testing presents several moral dilemmas; do we put an individual’s right to privacy before society’s interests for safety and health? Indeed the society comes first and whatever happens to the individual is inconsequential.


Anne M. (2008). The Case Against Drug Testing. Psychology Today, Volume 21, pp. 34-35, 38.

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